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JUMO frostTHERM-AT/-DR (604100)


  • Felületi hőmérséklet figyelő
  • Mikrokapcsoló- pillanatkapcsoló rendszer ( snap-action switch)
  • "Push-In®" - "Beszúrható" csatlakozási technológia
  • Könnyű illesztés és használat
  • Típusok:
    • Biztonsági hőmérséklet figyelő
    • Biztonsági hőmérséklet határoló

Customer benefits

  • Időmegtakarítás ( "Push-In®" technológia)
  • Sokoldalúság ( frostTHERM-AT - fali szereléshez, csővezetékekhez, frostTHERM-DR- DIN sín szereléshez )
  • Energiatakarékosság


  • Fagyérzékeny rendszerek szabályozása és figyelése pl.:
    • Légkondicionálás és ventillátor technika
    • Fagyasztási technológiák
    • Automatizálás


The frost protection thermostat is used for temperature monitoring in ventilation and air conditioning systems to prevent damage caused by freezing. It has a small switching differential and a high reproducibility. Reset is automatic (STW) or manual (STB).

High application flexibility and the latest connection technology are the essential equipment features of this thermostat series. The thermostat case is suitable for all common installation types such as wall, pipe, and DIN rail installation. The frost THERM-DR type is a specific variation with a special case bottom section for DIN rail or wall mounting. As a result, easy installation on mounting rails TH35 according to DIN  EN 60715 (e.g. in control cabinets) is possible. Installation time is considerably reduced with this version.

With the "Push-In®“ terminal technology the connection wires only have to be inserted into the terminal point up to the stop. No tool is required for connecting the wire or strand with a ferrule and the wiring becomes safer. In this manner, the costs and time required for connection are considerably reduced compared to the conventional screw terminal.

The "Push-In®" terminal technology allows direct switching of loads up to 16 A at 230 V AC. The installation costs can be reduced further because a load contactor is no longer required.


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