Winzer mit Weinglas
Success story: wine production

Noble grape juice during cold fermentation

Pressing the perfect wine is an art. The JUMO product range helps winegrowers to concentrate on their core competence – the tongue. The result: more turnover for our partner and a few more silver medals for having produced high-quality wine. Congratulations!


Monitoring the fermentation of wine has become a highly relevant subject in the last few years. The better the temperature in the storage containers can be kept within the optimal temperature range, the higher the quality of the wine. This is particularly necessary immediately after filling the tanks with the grape must because the high amount of heat that is generated during the fermentation process requires additional cooling.

A special method is so-called cold fermentation. Here, the temperatures must consistently remain within 15 and 20 °C to allow particular yeast strains to work. The resulting wines are extremely fresh, pure, and uncomplicated

Optimal conditions for excellent wine - from the vine to the bottle

Solution approach

The cooling solution implemented by Hüttenhein Anlagenbau for a winery involves cooling the tanks in different zones using sleeves. This way, almost any low temperature can be generated in the tank.

The current project phase contains 70 tanks which are in different storage rooms, some of which are outside. Hüttenhein Anlagenbau used the modular measuring, control, and automation system JUMO mTRON T as a central control element. It analyzes the data from the temperature probe attached to each tank and controls the temperature. Furthermore, the pressure in the entire cooling system is monitored. Important actual values are recorded with a recording function. The central processing unit sits in a control cabinet which is located in a container in the exterior area of the winery.

Tanks of the Welter winery

One of the tank systems whose temperature is controlled by the JUMO mTRON T system.

Installation situation of the JUMO mTRON T

Installation situation of the JUMO mTRON T

Project outcome

JUMO not only delivers individual components but also, as a service provider, supported the entire project from conceptual formulation to startup on-site. In addition, JUMO took on comprehensive engineering services.