Differential pressure monitoring

Nyomáskülönbség monitorozás

Lautering in a classic lauter tun is fundamentally a mechanical method in which a filtration layer is formed from the husks through targeted recirculation of the mash. The mash is then filtered through this. So that filtration is efficient, the filter cake can be loosened in a targeted manner using the cutters in the lauter tun. The height of the cutters and the speed of the movement is best controlled using the differential pressure.

Recommended solution for differential pressure measurement

The optimum movement with the right pressure

Our solution for differential pressure measurement in the lauter tun

The JUMO dTRANS p20 DELTA pressure transmitter, which is perfect for use in food production, reliably measures the differential pressure. This means the height of the cutters, as well as the speed of the movement in the lauter tun can be optimally controlled, thereby ensuring the perfect filtration of the mash and the quality of the beer.

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